Intellist® Benefits

The General Intelletics Intellist® provides significant benefits to both Fact users and Fact sources. These benefits include:

Virtual elimination of process based E & O claims – The automated and standardized Fact gathering process guided by an Intellist®  virtually eliminates the Fact gathering errors that give rise to Errors and Omissions (E & O) claims. This alone can save millions of dollars a year in lost time, legal fees, settlements and judgments

Increased productivity and reduced costs – The Intellist® allows Fact gathering by junior level Fact user and Fact source staff. Accordingly, senior subject matter expert up front time is reduced and made available for higher value activities

Learning from experience – With each answer on a particular Intellist® and the combination of many Intellists® for the same project or topic, the Intellist® for that project or topic learns what answers should be based on probability and experience. The number and quality of recommended answers continuously increases

Audit trail – An audit trail of all updates and supporting documentation is maintained for each Fact, including the user that input the update. Accordingly, it is easy to track down who and why an update was made

Security – All data provided by the Fact source is stored on the Fact user’s systems. The Fact User’s permission is required before the Intellist® can use collected Facts for learning purposes.

Differentiation – An Intellist® demonstrates a strong differentiator to Fact sources such as consumers and clients. It demonstrates their time and effort is valued and will be used in the most efficient manner possible

Standardization – All Facts gathered are standardized via the Intellist® and deposited into the Fact users’ database, making them available for multiple uses. Standard output reports are also available

Versatility – An Intellist® can be created for any large or complex Fact gathering requirement

Increased lead funnel – Smaller business opportunities that might not otherwise be economic for a Fact user where personal involvement from a senior sales person and subject matter expert were required can be pursued

High ROI – Each Intellist® is offered on an unlimited use subscription plan

Early engagement – Since updating Facts and tracking supporting documentation is easy, an Intellist® allows engagement between Fact user and Fact source at the earliest possible time

Message management – The Fact user can deliver non-overt selling messages to the Fact source throughout the Fact gathering process, subtly encouraging a desired business outcome

Worldwide deployment – An Intellist® can be deployed uniformly worldwide and made available in multiple languages.

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