Beyond Intellists® 

The capability of the Intellist® can be extended well beyond gathering Facts. Using the same technology platform, capability can be seamlessly extended to a fully intelligent application that automatically structures and quotes solutions. Continuing with the OCIP example:

· Access can be extended to clients, consultants and others beyond the broker to increase the ease of gathering Facts.

· The specification of an OCIP can be automated to produce the result that a subject matter expert would including:

· Fixed rules – The automated OCIP specification will first be driven fixed rules. This means that if the application encounters a combination of Facts that does not have a rule to determine the specification, it will seek assistance from a subject matter expert.

· Expert cases – Once the fixed rules for a project type are validated, expert cases will begin to be loaded. This will allow the application to learn what should be the correct response where a rule does not exist, such that it can automatically suggest a new rule (a subject matter expert will provide approval of all application generated rules prior to production implementation). The entry of cases will be ongoing as situations are addressed by the subject matter expert.

· Artificial intelligence – Finally, as many cases are loaded over time, the application will use the known rules and loaded cases to determine, using its optimization algorithms, what the correct OCIP specification is where neither an existing rule nor a case is available to provide guidance. No subject matter assistance will be required, except for review and quality control. At this point the application will have expert system capability.

· The application’s automated insurer application capability can be linked directly to selected partner insurers using insurance industry standards such as those already under development by ACORD. This will deliver a complete application to the partner insurer and allow the partner insurer to deliver an automated bound quotation in return.

· Finally, the user interface can be enhanced with extensive training and guidance tools for clients such that they will be able to directly enter all required Facts (with or without broker assistance using the application’s extensive training and guidance capability) for both budget and bound quotations, and receive budget or bound quotations back. The application will include the capability to have a subject matter expert review bound quotations that fit within certain parameters (e.g. over a certain premium value) before release to the client. This capability will allow OCIP sales to the smallest of projects and to larger clients who prefer a fully automated solution where they can quote their own projects.

Development beyond an Intellist® is determined based on discussion and interest between General Intelletics and application strategic partners. Contact us to discuss your thoughts and objectives.