The Intellist®

Intuitive and Easy

General Intelletics’ Intellist®, or “Intelligent Checklist”, is the best tool available for gathering and validating large Fact sets. With color cues and extensive guidance and suggestion, even a user with little or no subject matter knowledge can efficiently gather large Facts sets that are comprehensive and correct

We build Intellists® for a wide variety of applications, including custom requirements. All Intellists® are deployed on an unlimited use subscription basis from General Intelletics servers, and all data is stored on the subscriber’s (generally the Fact user) systems.

Intellists® are accessible from any web connected device, including a computer, tablet or smart phone that has appropriate screen area.

Using an Intellist® is simple and intuitive as it emulates a standard flat checklist.

A Fact may exist in one of six statuses, and Facts are combined into logical groups. The objective is to have all Fact Groups colored green. This indicates only and all required Facts have been answered.

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